"The Zoona Growth working capital has made a huge difference. It has enabled me to buy more crates and I can therefore get more stock. I am now a reliable supplier to my customers, and I am more confident."

Godfrey Mulenga - MDC Lusaka

"I love Zoona because it is a simple and easy way to transact electronically with my customers. The customer care support is also second to none! Zoona has helped me to become a good manager and entrepreneur."

Florence Muchele - Zoona Agent

"With Zoona I have opened up 4 outlets. I love Zoona because it gives me a platform to interact with people from different sectors of the community, and I feel proud knowing I am providing a valuable service to them.

Zoona has opened many doors for me as an entrepreneur; my income has provided for my education and I am my own boss."

Misozi Mkandawire - Zoona Agent

"I have one Zoona shop which is doing very well and I plan to open more. I love Zoona because it makes me reach out to the community and meet different people. I earn a living from the commissions on Zoona's products and I enjoy seeing the smiles on my satisfied customer's faces. Zoona has also taught me to be disciplined with my money."

Shelly Kabuba - Zoona Agent

"The payments system is very efficient. Zoona Growth working capital is also a good initiative as it has enabled me to purchase more stock and grow my business."

Terry Simanya - MDC Chipata

Zambian Breweries PLC is one of three SABMiller subsidiaries operating in Zambia, supplying a wide range of alcoholic beverages including being bottlers of all Coca Cola products.

Zambian Breweries Plc uses Zoona's electronic payments platform to receive millions of dollars of real-time payments each month from distributors across Zambia.

We are passionate about helping businesses grow
In emerging markets, businesses of all sizes struggle to grow because of challenges transacting in cash and poor access to affordable finance. We can help.

Increased revenue

We provide accessible and affordable working capital financing to micro & small enterprises to drive sales in distribution channels.

Improved cash flow

We clear payments in real-time to free up badly needed cash that can be invested elsewhere.

Reduced risk

Our electronic payments platform eliminates the need for transacting in cash, reducing operational costs and cash losses.

Extended reach

Our focus on both mobile phone and over-the-counter delivery enables payments with hard to reach customers all day, everyday.