Mobile Money for Emerging Entrepreneurs in Africa

In Africa, there is a tremendous pool of entrepreneurs, business owners, and young people who dream of making money and serving their communities but who lack the right opportunity, resources and support to reach their full potential.

Zoona offers these Emerging Entrepreneurs an opportunity to provide money transfer and other payment services to low-income consumers, while earning commissions and creating employment. We provide a mobile money platform, working capital financing, business management tools and entrepreneurial support focused on helping businesses grow and increasing financial inclusion in Africa.

Our Beliefs

We believe in growth.

We have grown from an idea in a text message to a multi-million dollar profitable company with international investors and operations in three African markets.

We believe in entrepreneurs.

We have established a network of over 500 Zoona entrepreneurs who earn on average $500 per month in commissions per outlet and have the opportunity to open as many outlets as they can manage.

We believe in change.

We have disrupted cash-dominated African markets with a mobile money platform that has processed over $500 million in value instantly and securely.

We believe in performance.

We have built a diverse team of high-performers who live and breathe our Zoona values and who want to be part of creating the future in Africa.

We believe in impact.

We have built a loyal base of over 700,000 unbanked and low-income consumers who frequently transact at our network of Zoona outlets, supporting over 1,000 local jobs of which over two-thirds are young women.

Zoona helping businesses grow